Miami Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

For our attorneys, the practice of juvenile law is not just about defending minors against criminal accusations, it is about making a difference in their lives. It is also about keeping them out of the system if they are innocent or pursuing rehabilitation if they are guilty. Most importantly, it is never about punishment.

Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

If your son or daughter has been accused of committing a juvenile crime, please e-mail us or call 877-596-5602 today.

Clayton R. Kaeiser is board certified as a criminal trial attorney by the Florida State Bar Association Board of Legal Specialization. This certification is given to a select few lawyers who have achieved a certain level of experience, education and knowledge. This is the exact type of representation that can protect your child from the potentially damaging accusations of juvenile crime.

The firm has stood up for the rights of young people in Miami and across Florida for more than 30 years. Attorneys Clayton R. Kaeiser and Silvia T. Burgoa can help with all juvenile crime cases, including those involving:

  • Drug crimes: drug possession, drug sale, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, possession of drug paraphernalia and more
  • Sex offenses: statutory rape, sexual assault, lewd and lascivious conduct
  • Violent crimes: murder, homicide, manslaughter, assault, fighting and more
  • Theft and property crimes: robbery, burglary, car theft, shoplifting, vandalism and more

In addition to defending the rights of your child in juvenile court, our attorneys can help with those cases where a juvenile is being charged as an adult. If necessary, we can also address post-conviction matters.

Rest assured, attorneys Kaeiser and Burgoa are ready to work hard to protect your child's future. Please e-mail us or call 877-596-5602 to learn how a juvenile crime lawyer can help you during these otherwise trying times.