Miami Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Filing Fraudulent Insurance Claims in Florida

Insurance policies exist to give people the financial protection they need when unexpected situations arise. However, some people use their insurance companies to finance fraudulent claims.

Because private insurance fraud has been a rising problem in Florida, people who are charged face serious criminal charges. In some situations, they may even be issued a minimum mandatory sentence. If you are facing charges for fraud, contact an attorney to schedule your initial consultation.

Protecting Yourself From the Insurance Company

When clients contact Clayton Kaeiser and Silvia T. Burgoa, they know they can expect a strong defense from an experienced lawyer throughout the process. Our attorneys contact the insurance company to determine what is going on. They defend clients who are facing private insurance fraud related to:

  • Automobile insurance claim: If you are facing charges for staging an accident or destroying your car, the firm can help protect your rights.
  • Insurance fraud: Some people fake their death or the death of a loved one in order to collect on a life insurance policy. In other situations, one person may murder another person and claim it was an accident, so he or she can collect life insurance.
  • Disability insurance: Our attorneys represent clients who are facing charges for filing false or exaggerated claims to collect disability insurance.
  • Homeowners insurance: Some people burn down their home to collect money from their insurance. Other people claim that things they never had were destroyed in a hurricane.
  • Mortgage and real estate fraud: The firm defends banks, real estate investors and home buyers accused of falsifying loan applications, over-reporting income, house flipping, using straw buyers, underwriting fraud or using a teaser rate.

Our attorneys help clients determine if it is in a client's best interest to give a statement, and if it is, what the most appropriate thing to say is. Because a person who is questioned by a private entity — such as an insurance company — does not have any rights, it is important to work with someone who can offer you legal counsel about what you need. If you give a statement to your insurance company, it could be used against you if you get prosecuted.

If you are under investigation for insurance fraud, attorneys Clayton Kaeiser and Silvia Burgoa can help. Contact the firm online to schedule your confidential initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.