Miami Wrongful Conviction Attorney

Have you been wrongfully convicted? Are you serving time for a crime you didn't commit? Is your loved one innocent and you need to get him or her out of prison?

Attorneys Clayton R. Kaeiser and Silvia T. Burgoa can help you. For more than 30 years, the firm has defended the rights of clients in Miami, throughout Florida and across the United States. We will stand beside you and help you fight your wrongful conviction. E-mail us or call 877-596-5602 to speak with a skilled Miami wrongful conviction lawyer.

He Wrote the Book on Florida Criminal Trial Procedure

Attorney Kaeiser wrote the book "Florida Criminal Trial Procedure," which is used in countless courtroom libraries. The firm will use his knowledge and experience as a Miami wrongful conviction lawyer in your case.

Need Help in Florida Proving Innocence? Lawyer Kaeiser Can Help.

Cases involving wrongful conviction, where the defendant is innocent of the crime, require careful preparation and diligent investigation. If you need help in Florida proving innocence, attorneys Clayton R. Kaeiser and Silvia T. Burgoa can help.

We will work to thoroughly review every aspect of your case. In effect, we will reopen the investigation by pursuing all potential new evidence and errors at the trial level such as:

  • DNA evidence and omitted crime scene evidence
  • New witness testimony or affidavits
  • Witness perjury at the trial level
  • Ineffective defense counsel in your criminal trial
  • Polygraph evidence
  • Prosecutorial misconduct

Miami wrongful conviction lawyers Kaeiser and Burgoa will work to prove your case on appeal or through other post-conviction remedies such as habeas corpus. Even if you have missed deadlines for your appeal, we will stand beside you and fight for your release.

Contact a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you were charged with first-degree murder or drug manufacturing, our attorneys can help you navigate the appellate process and work to free you from your wrongful conviction. E-mail us or call 877-596-5602 to learn more about our services from an experienced Miami criminal defense lawyer.